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Out of Sight Teaching LLC

Out of Sight Teaching LLC

2022 Gifts Ideas for the Blind or Visually Impaired

November 23, 2022

Looking for a gift this holiday season for someone who is blind or visually impaired? Check out these awesome gift ideas!

Audible Subscription
give the gift of audible written on green background
~$15.00 and up

Personalized Braille Gifts
Beadtography logo from Etsy site

~$4.00 and up

Braille Board Games

screenshot from Maxi aids showing connect 4, bingo and banagrams

~$10.00 and up

Beep Balls

screenshot from Maxi Aids showing beep balls

~$8.00 and up


Add for PenFriend, showing device pointed at bottle of medicine



From Target 
From Amazon

screenshot of a Tonie's Box- a screen free device that reads storybooks


Crayola Light Board

Crayola Ultimate Light Board, bright drawings on a black board


Glitter Dots Jewelry Kit

Glitter dots product


Glitter Dots Sparkle Station

glitter dots product

Glitter Dots Stencil Stickers

Glitter dots stencils


Braille Pop It

Braille POP It


DK Braille Books

Amazon screenshot showing 3 different DK Braille Books, "It Can't Be True, Counting, and Animals"

~$16.00 and up

Blind Spot T-Shirt

Black t-shirt with white writing, "You're In my BLIND SPOT" with white clipart image of person with white cane


AfterShokz Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones

black headphones

~$135.00 and up

Sensory ASMR Recorder Fidget Cube

colorful fidgit cube


Recordable Answer Buttons

Recordable answer buzzers, 4 buzzers (green, blue, red and orange) with speech bubbles from each

Link: Toys and Games from Exceptional Teaching

Screenshot from Exceptional Teaching showing Pop A Dot books

~$5.00 and up

Clothes and Accessories from Two Blind Brothers

screenshot from website showing options to shop for apparel, socks and accessories, guide dogs stuffed animals, and sunglasses

~$8.00 and up

Roll up Piano 88 Keys

roll up piano


Roll Up Piano 49 Keys

Colorful roll up piano


All products were priced on 11/23/22, prices are subject to change.

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