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Out of Sight Teaching LLC

Out of Sight Teaching LLC

Making Accurate Measurements

January 22, 2014

Does your VI child have a dream of becoming an engineer, architect, scientist? Do they wonder how they will make  accurate measurements? This year I have had the pleasure of working with a teacher who had the solution to this problem.

Below is a picture of a digital caliper with an extra-large LCD Screen. This tool allowed my student to make accurate measurements big and small. He adjusted the tool until the screen read the measurement he needed and then used a ruler to mark the line.  

I purchased the Neiko 01407A Stanless Steel 6-Inch Digital Caliper with Extra-Large LCD Screen and Instant SAE-Metric Conversion from eToolscity at Amazon. com 

If the screen is not big enough for your child, he or she could alway use it along with their CCTV or hand held magnifier. Now if they would only come out with a talking caliper!

One of the most exciting parts of my job is working with and sharing ideas with other professionals. Some of my best classroom modification ideas are borrowed from colleagues who have no background in vision. 

Feel free to comment and share you favorite modification ideas! : )

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