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Out of Sight Teaching LLC

Out of Sight Teaching LLC

Learn Braille with Hadley

January 31, 2023

To celebrate the end of Braille Literacy Month, here are some great resources to help you learn braille!

Have you checked out Hadley’s braille workshops?

Hadley utilizes a revolutionary platform that allows people with or without sight loss to learn Braille. It provides interactive courses, resources and even continuing education credits for those who want to learn the system. The platform is designed to help people from all walks of life, regardless of their level of sight or experience with Braille. With Hadley, anyone can easily learn and understand the basics of Braille in no time. The interactive course includes practical exercises and activities that make learning fun and engaging. It also provides resources such as videos, audio, handouts, and more to help learners understand the system better. With Hadley's help, you can be sure you'll be able to master Braille in no time!

Reading to learn? Follow these simple steps to start learning braille!

Step 1: Go to and click Sign Up.

Step 2: Once logged in, click to the Learn tab.

Hadley webpage with Learn button highlighted
Hadley webpage with Learn button highlighted

Step 3: Select Braille.

Webpage with Braille button highlighted
Webpage with Braille button highlighted

Step 4: Choose how you will be learning, by touch or by sight.

If choosing to learn by touch each workshop will consist of two parts. 

  1. a workbook mailed to your home, and
  2. audio instruction delivered either on the phone (847-316-0326) or online.

When learning by sight, everything is completed through the website.

Step 5: Choose your course and have fun learning braille!!

Learning by sight courses:

Basic Braille by Sight: Reading Series

Contracted Braille by Sight: Reading Series

Basic Braille by Sight: Writing Series

Contracted Braille by Sight: Writing Series

Special Braille Symbols: Reading Series

Special Braille Symbols: Writing Series

Interactive workshops that also provide helpful hints and rules review!

Screenshot of lesson showing braille cell forming the letter b, text reads: This is b dots 1 2. Visual hint of button on shirt
Screenshot of lesson showing braille cell forming the letter b

The workshops provide great repetition of letters, concepts, and rules. Complete the lessons at your own pace and start/stop at any time.

In the writing workshop, you’ll use your keyboard to type in braille. Just use the keys sdf (space bar) jkl as your braille keys!

Step 6: Don’t forget to check out the awesome resources that are listed below each lesson!

Flashcards- Interactive flashcards based on each lesson.

More Reading Practice- SimBraille reading practice based on each lesson.

Select the Dots- Interactive “select the dots” cards based on each lesson.

Reading/Writing Passages (PDF)- Braille reading passages based on each lesson. Each passage states the new contraction added and has a passage written in print as well as simbraille. (Great resource to use for data collection! Download and emboss, or email as a .brf to your student!)

Already completed the Hadley Courses? Check out these linked websites!

Braille Bug

UEB Online

Learn Braille Online Fakoo

Easy Braille

Branah Braille Translator

For more information on Hadley, visit their website at

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